The Ensemble Experts team, based in Central Virginia, is comprised of expert data miners and investment modelers.  We are enjoying the challenge of the Netflix Contest and its test of our techniques -- forged over the last decade to address real-world challenges.

Elder Research, Inc. (ERI) has been a leader in the field of data mining since 1995, with experience in many areas of pattern discovery including investment modeling, fraud detection, CRM, biometrics, and text mining.

David Vogel is a data mining expert in Orlando, FL.  He has developed predictive modeling software that has been successful with many kinds of data sets.  David is a 3 time winner of the ACM's KDD Cup, and 2 time runner-up, attesting to the versatility of his modeling capabilities.

Paul Harrison, PhD works for the Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium at Monash University. He is a militant Bayesian.

Special thanks to Simon Funk for his collaboration with the Ensemble Experts team.

Elder Research, Inc.

David Vogel

Paul Harrison